We are often approached by membership organisations that have either reached the limits of their current management system, or want to consolidate a number of applications into one. Sage CRM provides both small and large organisations with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to these issues.

As an example, we have recently completed a system for a major UK charity which combined three systems into one. This has significantly improved member service by streamlining their operation. We also implemented a web portal which provides members with constant access to information as well as enabling online renewals. The new Sage CRM system is much easier to use and has made the organisation more efficient by reducing the time taken to find information and eliminating double keying.

Here are just a few of the features that Sage CRM can provide for membership organisations.

Single view of members: All information about members, whether they are individuals, businesses or other organisation is held in one place. This includes full communication history of phone calls, marketing activity, emails etc. as well as any documents such as contracts and direct debits. Records can be located quickly which minimises admin time searching for information and improves member service.

Subscription Renewals: Whether the system is used standalone or integrated with accounting and payments systems, Sage CRM can provide an efficient means of managing subscriptions. This includes alerts for due and overdue amounts in addition to automated emails or other correspondence relevant to the member.

Maintain different member types: any number of member types can be defined in Sage CRM, to control access to information relevant to the membership type and to ensure that marketing campaigns are targeted appropriately.

Marketing and Events management: Sage CRM has a powerful marketing toolset, which can be used for one-off activities such as sending Newsletters, or for managing complex multi-level activities like Seminars and Conferences. Integrated email marketing provides automatic opt in / opt out management for mailing lists and the ability to create new campaigns based on previous responses.

Web Portal: Members now expect organisations to provide an online facility, which gives access to membership information and allows them to update their personal details. Sage CRM provides a self-service feature which is far more cost-effective to deploy and run than having something specifically developed. This can streamline the renewal of existing subscriptions as well as allowing new member sign-up. It is also a good channel for delivering membership information and allowing people to log information, suggestions or complaints directly.

Email and mailing templates: Sage CRM allows you to produce a library of email and Microsoft ® Word templates that can be used for single or bulk communication. Any letter or email sent is automatically linked to the relevant member record.

Reporting and analysis: Sage CRM has a number of powerful reporting tools, which can access any information in the CRM along with data from any linked application. This can provide regular reports for the organisation and members as well as the ability to run ad hoc reports for any other purpose.

Data maintenance: Maintaining a clean and up to date database is key. Sage CRM provides a number of data management tools which help to avoid duplicates and make it easy to tidy up database errors on a regular basis.

Integration: Sage CRM can be used as either a standalone system or integrated with other applications such as accounting systems and websites. This makes other information available whilst minimising data rekeying and the errors that arise from this.

Scalable, flexible, adaptable: Unlike other membership management system that provide a defined set of functions, Sage CRM has the ability to grow and adapt, keeping pace with the changing needs of the organisation. This overcomes the need to replace system every few years to keep up with member and business requirements.

Sage CRM can be supplied either as a hosted solution for a regular monthly fee or deployed on your own in-house servers. Please contact us for more information.