Have you ever wondered where your most profitable clients were? Or perhaps you have salespeople that need to plan their calls or a team of service engineers that you need to track and manage.

Our new mapping module for Sage CRM provides a zoomable visual interface which displays the location of companies, contacts, opportunities, leads, cases and users. It can also be configured to show any custom entities such as buildings, vehicles etc. that are created in Sage CRM.

LoriaMAPS is accessed from a tab on any entity record. Existing data can be geocoded en masse as part of the setup process or individual records only can be selected. New records can be easily added to the map either by searching on the address or manually dragging and dropping the pin to the required location. We would run an initial geocode of the data as part of the setting up procedure.

Other entities can be displayed by either choosing a predetermined or custom radius and appear as graphical pins which are colour coded by type. Clicking on any pin displays information about that item and you can zoom in or out of the map either by using the on-screen controls or scrolling with a mouse. Displayed information about an entity can be customised using Sage CRM standard features to suit the business requirements.

LoriaMAPS can display the results of any predefined Sage CRM Group and the results of filters created by viewing the map can be saved as a Group.

LoriaMAPS supports several popular mapping applications including GoogleMaps and Mapquest.

LoriaMAPS is compatible with Sage CRM version 7.1 or later. It is subject to monthly fee of £50 and a setting up charge which will include full geocoding of sage CRM contacts.

For more information please view our video.

Feature summary:

  • Interactive mapping component fully integrated with Sage CRM
  • Displays all Sage CRM objects including custom entities
  • Apply groups to filter displayed data and switch entities on and off
  • Save map results as a group in Sage CRM • Define area to view by setting radius or scrolling to zoom in and out
  • Customisable pop-up display shows details for any selected object • Geocode entire database or selected records
  • Manual search and move for misplaced objects • Supports multiple mapping providers and styles
  • Compatible with Sage CRM v 7.1 and later

LoriaMAPS for Sage CRM can provide a solution to a wide range of business requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Any users of the Sage Mapping Component may be interested to know that we can provide a mass geocoding service for this application if required.