Whether you make just a few calls or have a substantial telemarketing activity, it is essential that the outbound calling process is handled efficiently with measurable results and timely follow-up.

Regardless of the type of business, making and recording the results from phone calls is a fundamental requirement. However, we speak with many businesses that struggle with some intricate and long-winded call handling methods which often involve keying information more than once, in addition to exporting and reimporting data.

Sage CRM has some powerful standard features that streamline the outbound calling process. Target groups can be easily created based on any data in CRM. Outbound calling campaigns can then be set up for any number of users, with a defined target number of calls per day. Personalised call scripts can be created that include merged information from CRM if required. So, for instance, if you are calling to renew a membership the expiry date and renewal cost can be included in the script for the user making the call.

In addition to scripts, custom fields can be set up to capture the response to any number of questions and comments. These can include selection lists and check-boxes that ensure consistent data capture to give meaningful campaign metrics.

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Sage CRM outbound call management is as relevant for sales people making a number of follow-up calls as it is for telesales teams who may be managing multiple campaigns simultaneously.

In addition to capturing responses, Sage CRM can also make the process of recording and scheduling follow-up calls easy, by providing short-cut actions for common outcomes. For instance, if a typical response to an out-of-office is to reschedule a call in 2 days (say), the whole process of completing and rescheduling the activity can be managed by a custom process actioned through a single click of an on-screen icon. This feature of Sage CRM is particularly useful for Salespeople who need to get through a series of follow-up calls as efficiently as possible.

Calls can be made by manual dialling. Alternatively, Sage CRM can be integrated with company telephone systems, VoIP and Skype to give one-click or automated dialling.

All calls made are recorded as communications against the relevant contact record. This allows other users to see when a contact has received a call and the outcome of this. It is also possible to run reports based on call responses and obtain metrics for caller efficiency such as number of calls made, number of successful contacts, leads and opportunities generated etc.

If you use an outsourced agency to make your calls, Sage CRM can be shared with them so that they can make calls directly onto your system. In this way you can control the calls made and can immediately see any responses. You can also monitor progress and avoid any rekeying or loss of important information.

If you are interested in finding out more about Sage CRM outbound calling and how this can benefit your business, then please get in touch with us.