Sage CRM Support

As an ongoing service to our clients we provide telephone and email support to users and administrators via our helpdesk.

If you would like to discuss us taking on the support of your Sage CRM system then please contact us.

Customers with an Existing support contract can log a support issue by:

Option 1: Using our Support Portal (if you do not have login details - please contact us)

Option 2: By sending us an email using this form

This will automatically generate a support case ID and notify you by email when the case is being looked at by the support technician

Option 3: If there is a serious issue please call us on 01444 810519

Logging a Case:

We will need the following information to enable the support request to be actioned quickly.

  • Your Name and Company Name (plus name of the user if you are logging the request on behalf of someone else)
  • Location of the problem (e.g. Server, local PC, Mobile device)
  • Detailed description of the problem with screenshots if possible (and error messages if not shown in screenshot)
  • The number of users and machines affected
  • The steps you went through to receive the error (so it can be replicated)
  • The impact on productivity
  • Where you may be contacted (if applicable) such as mobile number/email address

If you do not have a support contract:

We regret we cannot provide ad-hoc support if you do not have a current support contract with us. This is because we need to understand a bit more about you and your system before diving in with advice or practical assistance. However, we are always pleased to take on support. So, if you are not an existing client and would like us to provide a quote for CRM Support please complete our contact form or give us a call on 01444 810519.

Remote Support Login

If the Support technician wants to look at the problem on your machine (or your network) they may give you a nine digit number so that they are authorised to access the PC and see and fix the issue.

You can enter your name and the number below - after which follow the on-screen instructions (a small piece of software might be required - please allow this to run) the support technician will then be able to see and control your PC to investigate/resolve the support issue.


Your name:
Type the 9 digit number: