CRM Functional Specification

In order to design the technical aspects of a CRM system a unique blend of technical understanding and business knowledge is required.  From the underlying system architecture to the end-user interface, it’s crucial that your needs are presented in a form that you can understand which relates to your real world business.

Business needs can often be lost in translation when talking nuts and bolts.  The end result is a CRM system which drives users mad and could cost the business time and money in on-going maintenance and further development.

Understanding how your processes are likely to evolve over time should drive a technical approach which can adapt and grow with your business.  The ability to see the world through the end-users’ eyes should ensure that interfaces are designed so that their lives are made easier rather than a chore, securing that all-important user buy-in.

We have a deep technical knowledge coupled with the business acumen needed to grasp your requirements and speak your language.  Our functional specification service will result in a system which is robust, cost effective and firmly meets your business requirements.

  • User Interfaces
  • Data Structure
  • Automated Processes
  • Integration
  • System Architecture
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence

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