CRM Strategic Consultancy

CRM is more than just a software product; it’s a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by maintaining customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

True CRM brings together information from all data sources within an organisation (and often outside the organisation) to give a complete, “360 degree” view of each customer in real time.  This allows customer-facing employees in sales, marketing and customer service to make quick yet informed decisions on everything from cross-selling and upselling opportunities to targeted marketing strategies and competitive advantage.

CRM has evolved into a customer-centric philosophy that must permeate an entire organisation and encompass the three key elements - people, process and technology.  The people throughout a company - from management to “shop floor” - need to buy in to and support CRM.  Business processes must be focussed to bolster CRM initiatives.  The technology to drive these improved processes and provide the best data to the employees should be robust, reliable and easy enough to operate that the lives of end-users are made easier rather than hindered.

Customer relationships are the heart of business success.  There are many technical components to a CRM solution, but only thinking about the technical side of things is a mistake – CRM should be thought of as a set of processes which help bring together information on customers, sales, marketing, efficiency and productivity.  This insight can facilitate increased efficiency, added cross-sell and upsell opportunities, improved close rates, streamlined sales and marketing processes, improved customer profiling and targeting, reduced costs and an increased share of customer and overall profitability.

This may sound too good to be true, but a successful CRM initiative is not without its challenges.  Our many years of diverse experience in the industry enable us to focus your CRM strategy and bring every piece of the puzzle together to ensure that, more than just supporting your operations, CRM actually brings true value to your business.

  • Performance Assessment
  • Cost/Resource Analysis
  • Operating Practices & Procedures
  • Customer Segmentation & Targeting
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  • Data Strategy & Best Practice

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