We have recently completed the roll-out of a bespoke Android application for one of our customers, which is being used by mobile engineers, cleaning operatives and construction workers throughout the UK. 

As a result, we now have a standard Loria app platform upon which we can build bespoke functionality which interacts with Sage CRM.

  • Any data held within CRM can be made available/editable via the app, including document attachments
  • Offline capability with synchronisation over data connection
  • Fully secure; app logins managed via custom screens within Sage CRM


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Our LoriaMailMerge component is proving very popular, with many customers now using it.  Easy to install and configure, LoriaMailMerge provides a number of enhancements over and above the built-in functionality, as well as being lightning-quick!

  • Single-click mail merge to Word or PDF
  • Conditional hide/show of sections/paragraphs/bullets
  • Display of images in merged documents - for example, product images in quotes
  • Multi-level nested mail merges (i.e. sub-tables within a document)
  • Honours all standard CRM functionality such as file attachment, recording of communications


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Sage CRM 2020 R1 is now available (both Standalone and Sage 200 CRM) and features a number of enhancements and fixes.

The primary focus is around improving the features of the integration with Mailchimp and ensuring a user has complete freedom to work with the browser of their choice.

  • Document Drop - Now available in all browsers
  • MailChimp - Automatic detection of duplicate email addresses. To ensure that a Person, Company, or Lead record being added to the system has a unique email address, system administrators can now use a new Detect Duplicate Emails option
  • Outlook plugins - Removed ActiveX as a dependency for the installation of the Lite and Classic Outlook plugins. This enables users to download and install the Outlook plugins in any web browser supported by Sage CRM. The Outlook plugins are now deployed using Windows Installer (.msi) files
  • Support for new software - You can use Sage CRM on mobile devices running iOS 13, Android 10 and 9
  • Over 30 functional fixes


Read the full release notes here

Check the latest hardware and software requirements here


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LoriaLINK's most common application is the integration of Sage CRM with Sage 50 Accounts. This provides a powerful two-way synchronisation which makes accounting data accessible to Sage CRM users and enables the creation of new accounts, quotes and sales orders directly from within Sage CRM.

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Integrating CRM with Accounts has many business benefits which have, for a long time, only been the privilege of larger firms who can buy into full ERP applications like Sage 200 or have the budget or internal resource to develop a solution to meet their own needs.

However, LoriaLINK now makes it possible for users of Sage 50 to easily integrate with Sage CRM with the following benefits:

  • Providing CRM users with visibility of customer order, invoice, delivery and pricing information.
  • Eliminating re-keying when creating new customer records and orders.
  • Streamlining the creation of quotes and orders in CRM by accessing product and price lists held in Sage 50.
  • Automated Invoice generation.
  • Improving customer service and sales forecasting.
  • Allowing better management visibility and reporting across financial and sales data.
  • Enabling 'at risk' reporting if customer purchase patterns change .
  • Ensuring that all relevant information is collected prior to accepting an order.

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LoriaLINK can be deployed quickly to integrate Sage 50 with any on-premise Sage CRM system, (version 7.2 or later) with the following functionality:

  • Link companies or individuals (or any other entity) in CRM to a customer account in Sage 50.
    • Means that if you sell to people as well as companies then both can be linked directly from CRM to Sage 50 Accounts.
    • Support for other entities means that LoriaLINK enables things other than businesses and people to be linked as Sage 50 accounts. For instance, a facilities management company may want to track income and expenditure by individual building, or a vehicle leasing company may want to attribute costs by individual vehicle.
  • Synchronise a single version of Sage CRM with multiple companies in Sage 50.
    • Useful if you run more than one company in Sage 50 or have separate currency accounts.
    • Supports customer and supplier accounts.
  • Provides visibility of Order, Invoice and Despatch information in Sage CRM.
    • Gives sales people and others controlled access to accounting data without the need for a Sage 50 licence.
    • Can include financial and product sales data in CRM reports and dashboards.
    • Easily find out who is buying (or not buying) which product and how much they spend.
    • Calculate profitability customer and sales commissions due.
    • Include financial data in Sage CRM reports and dashboards.
  • Streamlined Quoting & Ordering

    Click image for larger view
    • Makes Sage 50 product and pricing information available for easy quote and order preparation
    • Prompts for additional mandatory information such a PO number as part of order creation
    • View available stock levels by product in Sage CRM.
    • Respects established price agreements with customers.
    • Can add custom items and comments.
    • Option to have carriage charge as a line item
    • Merge to pdf for direct email to customer.
  • Generate invoices from CRM
    • Invoices can be generated within CRM and pushed to accounts
    • Invoice generation can be automated, utilising CRM's escalation features
    • Users can manually review invoices before they are synchronised, or it can happen automatically
  • Better targeted Marketing
    • Identify target lists based on product and financial data.
  • Improved management reporting and business intelligence.
    • Can search and group by product, geography and many other parameters.
    • Better sales forecasting as quotes are based on established, consistent product information.
    • Respects Credit Notes and Pro Forma invoices to give true sales value.
  • Accessible by remote and in-house users.
    • Full functionality is available to online remote users via tablet and laptop.
  • Configurable setup and synchronisation to meet any business need.

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    • Allows one- way or bi-directional synchronisation by individual entity.
    • New mappings easily created.
    • Sync can be scheduled to runs automatically at frequency to suit business requirements.
    • User override allows integration to be disabled temporarily to carry out Sage 50 administration tasks such as year end routines and VAT runs.
  • Does not require dedicated CRM and Sage 50 licences
    • LoriaLINK licence is all that is required.
    • Single LoriaLINK licence supports an unlimited number of Sage CRM users.
    • Does not require dedicated Sage CRM or Sage 50 licences. Eliminates unnecessary licence and maintenance fees

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Brexit or not, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will apply in the UK from 25th May 2018 strengthening the UKs present data protection legislation, much of which is out of step with current technology and business practices.

The new regulations will place a greater burden on any organisation holding personal information in any form to demonstrate process controls, as well as ensuring the security of the data it holds.

Sage CRM can help any business to achieve and maintain compliance in the following ways:

  • Providing a single source of data that can be managed centrally.
    • The smaller the number of data sources that a business has the easier GDPR compliance will be.
    • Consolidate data from many sources to create a central database accessed by many users with controlled access rights.
    • Can act as a 'hub' between existing database applications to provide a single point of control. 
  • Controlling who has access to which data and for what purpose.
    • User security settings allow data access to be controlled to that required for the task at hand.
    • Ensures that users do not have unauthorised access to sensitive or information that is not relevant to their role
  • Providing checks and alerts to ensure that relevant consents are received and recorded.
    • Alerts and other controls can ensure that relevant consents are obtained and maintained.
    • Records and manages consent status for any number of separate business purposes.
  • Making data available either by request, or through a secure web portal for individuals to access and update their own information.
    • Provides a number of ways that data can be kept up to date.
    • Contacts can easily be contacted to update records or renew consents themselves via a web portal
  • Demonstrating compliance with any data request or other communication.
    • Allows a full communication history to be maintained, providing an audit trail for compliance.
    • Hold records for data audits, impact assessments and other documents.
  • Easily making data available in an acceptable format for individuals who want to move their data from one controller to another.
    • Data can be output from Sage CRM in a number of portable formats.
  • Breach detection
    • Data audit tools identify unusual activity

 Whilst Sage CRM will not in itself ensure GDPR compliance, it will provide many of the process management tools required as part of a structured organisation-wide data management methodology.

If you would like to find out how Sage CRM can help you to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 01444 810519.

Whether you make just a few calls or have a substantial telemarketing activity, it is essential that the outbound calling process is handled efficiently with measurable results and timely follow-up.

Regardless of the type of business, making and recording the results from phone calls is a fundamental requirement. However, we speak with many businesses that struggle with some intricate and long-winded call handling methods which often involve keying information more than once, in addition to exporting and reimporting data.

Sage CRM has some powerful standard features that streamline the outbound calling process. Target groups can be easily created based on any data in CRM. Outbound calling campaigns can then be set up for any number of users, with a defined target number of calls per day. Personalised call scripts can be created that include merged information from CRM if required. So, for instance, if you are calling to renew a membership the expiry date and renewal cost can be included in the script for the user making the call.

In addition to scripts, custom fields can be set up to capture the response to any number of questions and comments. These can include selection lists and check-boxes that ensure consistent data capture to give meaningful campaign metrics.

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Sage CRM outbound call management is as relevant for sales people making a number of follow-up calls as it is for telesales teams who may be managing multiple campaigns simultaneously.

In addition to capturing responses, Sage CRM can also make the process of recording and scheduling follow-up calls easy, by providing short-cut actions for common outcomes. For instance, if a typical response to an out-of-office is to reschedule a call in 2 days (say), the whole process of completing and rescheduling the activity can be managed by a custom process actioned through a single click of an on-screen icon. This feature of Sage CRM is particularly useful for Salespeople who need to get through a series of follow-up calls as efficiently as possible.

Calls can be made by manual dialling. Alternatively, Sage CRM can be integrated with company telephone systems, VoIP and Skype to give one-click or automated dialling.

All calls made are recorded as communications against the relevant contact record. This allows other users to see when a contact has received a call and the outcome of this. It is also possible to run reports based on call responses and obtain metrics for caller efficiency such as number of calls made, number of successful contacts, leads and opportunities generated etc.

If you use an outsourced agency to make your calls, Sage CRM can be shared with them so that they can make calls directly onto your system. In this way you can control the calls made and can immediately see any responses. You can also monitor progress and avoid any rekeying or loss of important information.

If you are interested in finding out more about Sage CRM outbound calling and how this can benefit your business, then please get in touch with us.

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