Sage CRM Development Services

Using tools available through the Administration interface it is possible to add new fields and screens, create new system entities and configure sophisticated Workflows. However, there are times when you need the system to do just a little more, (such as hiding and showing fields in response to data input), or to create a whole new area of bespoke functionality.The possibilities are virtually endless with Sage CRM.

Over the years we have been involved with some extensive Sage CRM developments and have created bespoke functionality to:

  • Capture financial fact-find information onto user screens that adapted according to responses and output these into a client document.
  • Provide resource planners and calendars that display summary information.
  • A questionnaire development tool that provides the user to create custom questionnaires for customer service and surveys.
  • Mapping tools to display information for route planning based on complex criteria.

All bespoke developments are undertaken in accordance with Sage best practice to require little or no adjustment when software upgrades are applied.

Please contact us to learn more and find out how we can adapt Sage CRM to meet your requirements.