Sage CRM Data Cleansing, Validation & Deduplication Services

Data quality is fundamental to the efficiency of a CRM system.  Whether undertaking targeted marketing activities or running reports and analysis for management information purposes, it is essential that core data is clean, normalised and free from duplicates.

Over the years we have seen many instances of businesses running into issues due to poor data. For example, recipients of mail-merged letters receiving duplicate copies because they are in the database twice, with slightly different spellings; or managers not being able to correctly analyse sales figures due to variations in the way things have been entered.

Effective data cleaning is not just a case of running bulk routines across your CRM data to improve quality - it is also crucial to look at the point of entry to ensure that input is restricted to a set of consistent values, or validated before saving to ensure that all required data has been entered in the best way.  In addition a data cleaning strategy should be devised to ensure that things are kept in order going forward rather than simply running a one-off routine.

Our years of experience in CRM systems enable us to ensure that your interfaces are developed to ensure consistant data entry, plus our in-depth knowledge of the Sage CRM data model in particular mean that we can develop cleansing and deduplication routines for one-off or on-going use.

To learn more about how we can assist with your Sage CRM data validation, cleansing and deduplication procedures, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.