Sage CRM Customisation Services

Nominated Sage CRM users can be provided with administrator rights which gives access to a well developed graphical point-and-click interface which enables screens to be customised without significant programming skills.

In many cases Sage CRM can be 'configured' to meet requirements without the need to write code.  Adding data fields and selection lists, customising screens, setting up custom reports and much more are all possible via the standard administration interface.

Sage CRM Easy Customisation

Whilst you may not need to be deeply technical to perform basic Sage CRM customisations, it is important to have a good understanding of best practices and how the changes you make may affect other aspects of the system.

So, in addition to simply providing Sage CRM customisation services, we are more than happy to work alongside your internal staff and share the knowledge, giving you the power to to manage and customise your own system going forward.  Alternatively, if you prefer, we can simply handle things for you.

To find out what's possible and discuss your Sage CRM customisation requirements, contact us today.