Sage CRM Contact Management

Contact Management is so much more than just storing names and addresses.

In addition to core contact details, Sage CRM enables you to add and customise data fields to collect custom information relevant to you.  This enables you to profile Prospects and Customers for the purpose of targeted activities or reporting metrics. 

The Communications functionality allows you to maintain a history of all interactions with Customers, Suppliers and others - both at organisation and individual contact level.  This ensures that everyone across your organisation has full visibility of past/future customer activity.

By combining the tracking of contacts, their profiles and their interactions with the business, it is possible to create a single, unified view of the customer - vital data not only for a successful sales team, but also for the delivery of excellent customer service.

Sage CRM also comes with a number of standard features to assist in the generation/recording of customer interactions:

  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 enables appointments, tasks and contacts to be synchronised between Outlook and Sage CRM
  • The Outlook Plugin allows emails within Outlook to be filed into CRM against the relevant company/contact record(s)
  • The Email Management Server service enables Sage CRM to retrieve emails from one or more mailboxes (for example an inbound Sales or Support mailbox), automatically file the inbound email as a communication and trigger actions in CRM such as Cases, Tasks or Workflows
  • HTML Email Templates can be created and user for one-off or bulk outbound emails
  • Document Templates can be created using Microsoft Word and used for individual or bulk mail merges

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