Sage CRM Web Portal

A web portal allows you to capture and share information via your website.

At its simplest, this could be capturing new enquiries via a website form. With Sage CRM, any information entered is immediately added to the database, where it can be followed up either by alerting a user or as part of a more detailed workflow

More complex uses of a web portal can allow customers to log in to view and post information. One such use is in customer services, where customers can log new issues and view the status of live cases via their own online dashboard. This can be extended to allow upload and downloading of documents and also preparing and sharing reports. All customisation is handled via Sage CRM Administration panels so you do not have to be a web developer to extend or change a portal once it has been set up,

The following screenshot is taken from our own 'self service' portal, where our customers can log and view technical issues referred to our helpdesk.

The ability to develop a web portal is a core feature of Sage CRM and can have wide reaching business benefits

  • Allows excellent web-based customer service area via a simple self-service intranet.
  • Reduces the pressure on employees to answer customer queries on the phone or by email, freeing up time for other tasks.
  • Easily customisable and integrates well with any website.
  • Customer issues can be resolved more efficiently as they are logged and handled automatically.
  • Flexible to changing business needs.
  • Provides easy access to information, including updating historical and commercial orders, quotes or cases.
  • Allows customers to keep track of their information and the status 24/7/365
  • Creates a tie-in service not easily replicated by competitors.

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