Sage CRM Integration

Sage CRM is a very capable product when it comes to integration. There are standard integrations available for Sage 200 and Sage 300 ERP applications which we work with frequently. However, it is also possible to integrate Sage CRM with many other business systems.

As with anything, there are varying degrees of capability depending upon your requirement. At the simple end of the scale it is possible, using built-in capabilities of the product, to make data from other systems visible within the Sage CRM interface.  For example, when looking at a customer record within Sage CRM, you may wish to see information from your accounts system, display a list of purchases from a point of sale system or a list of cases from a customer service application.

When the simple integration method is not enough, Sage CRM's open data structure and customisation capabilities mean that it is possible to fully integrate with or synchronise data from other systems.

We have vast experience in integrating Sage CRM with other systems and over the years have developed and implemented some very complex integrations, including (but not limited to) full bi-directional synchronisation of data between Sage CRM and accounts, EPOS and website registration systems.

To learn more and discuss your Sage CRM integration requirements in detail, please contact us.