Sage CRM for Marketing

Targeting the right audience for your products & services and understanding buying behaviour is critical in today’s competitive marketplace.

Sage CRM provides powerful tools for marketing teams to plan, execute and audit both simple and highly targeted marketing campaigns. Sage CRM is the perfect marketing management solution. It allows you to effectively promote your products and services by segmenting your customer lists to target the right audience and develop follow-up campaigns based on the outcome.

Sage CRM supports the building of static or dynamic groups, which segment your information and can be used as the basis for a simple or multi layer campaign using:

  • Outbound telesales
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail

Campaign tracking and monitoring tools allow you to see which marketing activity led to the most sales opportunities, helping to focus on prospects that are more likely to purchase, increasing RoI and maximising the marketing budget and spend.

MailChimp integration provides a full suite of tools that allows you to send professional template messages and capture the results directly back into CRM. This not only provides a fast way of evaluating the progress of the campaign, but also allows follow up campaigns to be developed based on metrics such as opens and clickthroughs.

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