Sage CRM Workflow

Workflow automates business processes using a predefined set of business rules and actions.

A workflow guides the user through a business process, checking, tracking, and validating information, and triggering actions. It's a great way to reduce administration overhead, ensure consistency, and benchmark performance.

For example, you could apply a workflow rule to opportunities to automatically generate a follow-up call whenever a quote is issued to a customer. Or you could apply a workflow rule to cases to send an email to the customer service supervisor if a case remains at the Investigating stage for more than twenty-four hours.

In addition to enforcing a structured process through which users must progress and update records, workflow provides the following functions:

  • Ensuring that all required data is captured at each stage¬†before progression is allowed
  • Enforcing conditional data validation at different stages of the workflow
  • Triggering automated actions - such as creating a task, sending an email or updating other records - either as the workflow progresses, or based upon elapsed time

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